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                Teaching Philosophy

                “1+5+1 Basciko Star Model Educational System”

                Dance education (Latin, street dance& Jazz, Ballet) as the core,

                Integrated with bilingual teaching, parent-child dance, international etiquette, education of Financial Quotient, charity and other expanded contents.

                On the basis of regular courses, we also have celebrity-built courses,

                helping children at the age of?4-16?develop rich, interesting, wonderful and memorable learning activities,

                improving their physique, establishing self-confidence, activating potential and realizing diverse development.

                Basciko makes you the best!

                Types of Courses
                Students’ Presence
                About Us

                Basciko International Dance is a professional international dance education institution with headquarter in Denver, America and the China head office in Shanghai.

                Supported by outstanding domestic and foreign expert teachers and curriculum development team, based on requirements of children’s growth and introduced advanced concepts of the world to build the “1+5+1 Basciko Star Model Education System”.

                Provide the dance education and comprehensive-quality improvement to more children that will benefit them for a lifetime.

                Give children a healthier and happier growing experience with more self-confidence!

                Join Us